our educational vision

We use 4 learning strategies to teach English:

  • The first learning strategy is known as English medium instruction because learners need to be actively engaged with the target language.

  • The teachers use a variety of strategies to facilitate comprehension and practice of the target language. For example, they:

Provide a language-rich environment;

  • provide comprehensible input that is directed toward communicative goals;

  • make meaning clear through body language, gestures, and visual support;

  • conduct comprehension checks to ensure understanding;

  • elicit talk that increases fluency;

  • encourage self-expression and spontaneous use of language;

2)  We emphasis on the language productive skills:

* speaking skills

*  writing skills

3) We make use of inductive language rules i.e. start with examples, and ask learners to find rules.

 (In a deductive approach, the basic principle is first offered. The student is then asked to apply the rule to various specific examples.)

  4) we ask the pupils to apply their language competences to:

* participating in a project

* reading an (English) children’s book

* doing a webquest

* giving a presentation

* language portfolio

5) the ultimate goal is to develop pupils’ communication skills, both receptive (listening and reading) and productive (writing and speaking.)

6) A number of main features of our course are:

-the pupil learns actively and increasingly independently;

-the pupil learns together with others;

-the pupil learns cohesion;

-the pupil learns in a challenging and safe environment;



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