who are we ?


The founder of Xtra English4kids is Mrs. Shabnam Hofland. She did B.A. B.Ed. and T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She has worked abroad for 14 years as a teacher of Cambridge English (G.C.S.E.).

She conducted workshops on ‘teaching English as a modern foreign language’ and supervised starting teachers. She has written various syllabi about ‘English conversational skills.’ She also annually created schemes of studies. In addition to that, she also wrote many reviews about the text books for the subject of English.

She also received a number of awards including “award for the best teacher”, “award for producing excellent results in O’Level”, “excellent communicative skills syllabi for classes 1-8”.

In the Netherlands she worked at secondary and primary schools. Also she conducted language courses for adults and corporate trainings.

In September 2014, Mrs. Shabnam Hofland organized a successful course about British culture for the “plus class” at the O.B.S. The Tweemaster in Gorinchem.

In November 2015 Shabnam participated in the Cambridge Secondary Day of Cambridge University Press in Utrecht

With Mrs. Shabnam Hofland other qualified and experienced teachers work at Xtra English4kids.

Mini Scones Variety. Orange and Blueberry Mini Scone Cookies. Selective focus.



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