English 2

Introduction to the course

In September 2014 we initiated the Xtra English4kids course in Gorinchem. In 2016 we expanded the course to Barendrecht. In 5 years, we evolved 4 different levels of courses conducted for 13 groups.

We teach Cambridge English courses to pupils of groups 4 and 5 (Starter), group 6 (Pre-Advanced) and pupils of group 7 and 8 (Advanced).

Why this course?

997285365d96c3a69c95fef6278ebe89_premier-imperial-crown-emperor-png-image-and-clipart-for-free-_650-650 The switch from primary education to secondary education is generally experienced as difficult by the pupils. The root cause of this scenario is that the ‘objectives of the curriculum’ for the subject of English at primary education do not conform with the ‘objectives of the curriculum’ of secondary education.

997285365d96c3a69c95fef6278ebe89_premier-imperial-crown-emperor-png-image-and-clipart-for-free-_650-650 The course is an extension to the subject of English taught at primary schools: it offers a depth and width to the parameters that closely tie-up the ‘‘objectives of the curriculum’ of modern foreign languages at secondary school.

997285365d96c3a69c95fef6278ebe89_premier-imperial-crown-emperor-png-image-and-clipart-for-free-_650-650 In January 2014, the then Minister of education Dekker stated: ‘Dutch children will later, earn a living in a world in which it will be more important than ever that they speak good English in addition to Dutch.’

997285365d96c3a69c95fef6278ebe89_premier-imperial-crown-emperor-png-image-and-clipart-for-free-_650-650 English is spoken by 1.8 billion people worldwide, of which 380 million are native speakers.

997285365d96c3a69c95fef6278ebe89_premier-imperial-crown-emperor-png-image-and-clipart-for-free-_650-650 International education: the world has become a village, schools / courses prepare their pupils for a cross-border labour market. The idea that you cannot start early enough with a foreign language is increasingly gaining ground. The European Platform writes ‘the primary school age is the perfect age for learning a foreign language.’

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