for whom / where and when?

London city
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, UK

Requirements for admission to the course:

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d good motivation and commitment

for whom?

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d for pupils of groups 4 and 5: Starter

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d for pupils of group 6: Pre- Advanced

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d for pupils of groups 7 and 8: Advanced


6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d cbs Smitshoek, Riederhof 37, 3993 XJ Barendrecht

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d cbs het Kleurenlint, Kruithoorn 7, Gorinchem


Monday afternoon: cbs de Smitshoek  Barendrecht

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Starter: 14:30-15:30 pm

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Pre-Advanced: 15:45-16:45 pm

 6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168dAdvanced: 17:00-18:00 pm

 6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Advanced Plus *: 17.00 -18:00 pm

 (*Advanced Plus : is generally for the pupils who have done our Advanced course)

 Wednesday afternoon: cbs het Kleurenlint, Kruithoorn 7 in Gorinchem

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Starter : 14.30-15.30 pm

 6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168dAdvanced Plus*: 17.00-18.00pm

 6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Advanced : 15.45-16.45 pm

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d Pre Advanced : 17.00-18.00


Duration of the course:

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d The course lasts the entire academic year

Group size:

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d 15 pupils max.


6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d qualified and enthusiastic teachers with experience in primary and secondary education

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d near native speakers


  € 16 per lesson * (60 minutes)

   In addition to the tuition fee, you pay a one-time parents’ contribution of € 10.

our approach:

We achieve the best possible results by using exclusively Cambridge text books that teach the children how to learn a language. We also work in a challenging way to stimulate children to achieve better results.

which book(s) do we use?   BOOKS

we use the latest text books of Cambridge University Press.

other resources:

We also use the most modern learning materials (including online practice/ homework, smartboard activities, games, videos, songs. role play, language apps etc.)

Course targets:

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d the main target of Xtra English4kids is explicitly focused on providing high-quality English education, we do it by

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d engaging good pedagogical relationship and challenging didactics.

6808e7f8a81636a22e40ad24d203168d for a better performance of our pupils at the secondary school “practising language skills” by both writing and speaking, is the key point.





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